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October 15, 2023 — t̷h̷e̷8̷w̷o̷o̷d̷c̷u̷t̷t̷e̷r̷

Feel free to sign up for an XMPP account somewhere (I do not host XMPP for other users) and then try out my customized Movim instance:

Diary of a Chunk Ep. 1

Yea I don't have much else to say at this time unfortunately..

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I'll get a man on the job

September 13, 2023 — t̷h̷e̷8̷w̷o̷o̷d̷c̷u̷t̷t̷e̷r̷

I realize some stuff in the CSS is busted, I actually forgot about it, I will get a man on the job to fix it asap... You'll never guess who that is!

Join InspireNET.org IRC Server!

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Just thought I would say hello

August 14, 2022 — t̷h̷e̷8̷w̷o̷o̷d̷c̷u̷t̷t̷e̷r̷

Lots of things are new. I haven't added a post to this blog since, well, an eon has passed. A LOT of stuff has happened. I moved and been in an almost living hell. I had my devices hacked to shit. There was a not too distant time where every last windows or linux host I would set up was getting hacked. There was some gangster shit going on, dunno what, nothing to do with me. So my XMPP server (TooFast.vip) died as there was also some hackers there in that realm. Another oddball thing that happened (I suspect from XMPP realm) is my phone got blacklisted. A fully 100% legitimate phone, not stolen, and it got blacklisted not once but twice. I was gonna buy a different one anyways so whatever. Now I use it for music on my stereo.

I've been studying Python language for a while and I'm really enjoying that. Taking it slow and letting myself absorb it. What I find gratifying is once in a while firing up a session of programming in Python with my lovely text editor. I have a couple of projects I do with python and I even learned a little bit of Django, which is a web application framework using python. I'm suprised as I found it to be quite similar to Laravel which I have used somewhat extensively. It would be an easy framework to pick up having learned a web application framework a bunch already. I've been also on SoloLearn, which btw I highly recommend for Android, and learning pythons. Much to my enjoyment. In fact it's the literal only social media I use. Nobody knows about it basically but here's a link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sololearn

I shut off one of my vhosts (HardTeckno.com) because I am too lazy to deal with it right now and I'm almost certain nobody is viewing it right now. There's also ☆ 𝕓Λ𝕥𝕥𝕃Є𝕜Я𝕦¡𝕫ЄЯ ☆ (battlecruiser.co) to look at if you like :)

Other than that I am bored. I'm doing the 'night shift' which means stay up all night, sleep all day. For reasons that I can get some more studying done. I can't say it's working necessarily all that well LoL.. As I tend to have ADD. Such is in my old age I've developed, hey look a squirrel! Summer is almost over and I've been quite enjoying riding my ol bike. This winter I'll likely improve all my projects and get back to coding, if life settles down a bunch. Shit is crazee sometimes, living in a hell hole place. Bon Voyage!

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Web post not fence post!

January 10, 2022 — t̷h̷e̷8̷w̷o̷o̷d̷c̷u̷t̷t̷e̷r̷

I had a jolly time with these old guys at my place today haha, the one fellow declared himself a dictatorship over us and is now our leader. I love old guys they're always cool. In other news we have a g suite organization and an organization on github. Check out out on GitHub: BattleCruiserArmada and if you want to join email armada@battlecruiser.co or chunk@battlecruiser.co

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