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Stash a website idea here

July 28, 2023 — t̷h̷e̷8̷w̷o̷o̷d̷c̷u̷t̷t̷e̷r̷

Howdy all! If there's somebody reading this I am curious if you ever remember a web application that actually I think was around the exact same time as facebook or was even earlier than facebook's 'kickoff', it was called tagged.com (the TLD i am not for sure, but name yes). It was a neat and unique app that people could make themselves profiles with pics, little bit of meta stats, and then you can be bought and sold and accumulate value in the app the more people kept buying you for more. This was I guess a way to fame if you were like, hot girl nice pics, you might probably get bought then taken from that owner by another higher bidder and the subject, lol I know this might sound bad even, will become more valuable. I can't recall how one made money, I think it might've been by playing stupid games or something? Not doing surveys I don't think, but yea. They also were one of the earlier, in my memory of the internet, apps to have a 'hot or not' selector, that would randomly go through maybe even similar (metadata, big data, I don't think bigdata or machine learning was a thing yet when this was) profiles and you could be like yep, or nope. I really enjoyed the interpersonal interactions of that app and it's no longer around I'm pretty sure. Last I remember it was overrun by bots kind of, and it might've died.

Well what if somebody (ME, Do NoT TAKE MY IDEA!) remade this website and added for example, the overlay interface for conversejs so you could chat in actually legitimate chats while you interact with people and their profiles? I imagine one might want to create a custom xmpp server for this! So I am writing this post to jot it down like notes for myself for soon (tm).

Well and now I sorta feel stupid, and happy, at the same time! Tagged.Com does exist still :D:D I have to check this out, but still going to consider a clone of it, heavily modified. Why? Because web apps! Come back again to my happy blog, while I working on it ever so gently (the CSS) it's becoming a nice place, I hope you enjoy reading it 🐱

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For those that use autism as a prejudicial slur

July 14, 2023 — t̷h̷e̷8̷w̷o̷o̷d̷c̷u̷t̷t̷e̷r̷

Greetings! It is I, the mystical Woodcutter, who as it has been said he came from the forest.

I am going to attempt to convey a particular perspective I have of myself, so that it might be of some perspective to others as to why I am the way I am plus why you should not insult autistic people by using the nature of their disabilities as a prejudice term. I have seen people say shit like, "i see the room here is autistic", or on Eve Online of all places, "that alliance is spergs", and that means asperger's syndrome people.

Allow me to give you my definition of a person who has traits of the high functioning, autism spectrum, disorder called asperger's syndrome. Their brains and their mental powers have a bias, one weaker sway than is to a much stronger sway. In fact the weaknesses can cancel out the strengths, and vice versa because these types of people are known to have curious areas of inherited extreme intelligence. Meaning that for maybe NASA type shit, they engineered something impossible just because that strength they had was able to see through what an ordinary person could not perceive. The downsides, as far as I know, of people with this illness have a tendency to be unable to relate to emotion well, connect to others socially maybe without purpose, like small talk is meaningless to them, and they fail or have difficulty getting along with the other folks uninhibited by a mental condition. It's pretty clear cut how I see it, considering that in my past I was considered to have this illness but never for sure, that people like this can definitely power excel at things like software, intercommunicable things, abstracts, highly complicated systems like networks or server racks, understanding software stacks and becoming quickly and easily fluent with such things beyond that of a regular person.

I do not think it is because of any passion risen out of lack of satisfactory human interaction, I think it is a literal factor of imbalance but a beautiful thing because these people might be a little weird, a little offputting even (at worst), but they'll generally have you fixed up ASAP.

I've always thought of life this way: people think in images, words, emotions and logic, only one of these. I personally think logically, so I can route a quick way to a solution if abstracts are clear to me but I'll get frustrated without clear abstracts. I am also going to tend to find solutions in, erm, everything. However I am limited by my ability to empathyze, rather, show empathy where that shown empathy gets reciprocated to a healthy human interaction. So though you said your old neighbor, R.I.P. Chase G., you were fucking wild buddy, had he died, I will likely struggle to show you what your emotions beckon from me. This DOES cause problems with me and others because they get wrong impressions ALL THE TIME. It's just not in my mental capacity to act on that tether of humanity, but give me some creative web design project, holy shit, I'll make that shine! Or die tryin! Not because of devotion, or motivation but because of my alley of success.

I've seen people use autism as some prejudice terms in chats a I would like to flame them every time because they don't realize some autistic people can wreck their house up from across the globe if we wanted to. I've found in XMPP numerous people that exhibit this sort of mental paradigm and they are indeed hackers, and possibly very dangerous people if motivated. Speaking of the keyboard and of myself also. Not always the case though. Autistic people can be really good at anything they set their minds to.

I like to combine segments of software, in use and in idea, figuratively and factually, to enjoy my time most of all creatively. I define creative as "as to create" ... create anything. If computing is about solving problems, purely plain and simple you might have noticed, I break that boundary, with creativitiy. Yet I still happy to write a python script that solves a problem, then back it up to my /home/$USER/bin directory export PATH=$PATH:/home/chunk/bin and execute it again and again by it's name. I thrive on complexity.

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Something I think XMPP could benefit from

July 13, 2023 — t̷h̷e̷8̷w̷o̷o̷d̷c̷u̷t̷t̷e̷r̷


I think XMPP could benefit from more web based stuff. Like, as far as I know there is Conversejs which runs over BOSH or Websockets, and is basically entirely a javascript (ewww) application. It's prettty nice I am using it on TooFast.vip right now and in an iframe on The8Woodcutter.sh.

There is also a much nicer web client (full) called movim and it has an AGPL+ licence (i think) and you can iterate either of both of these types of web clients on your own server for your users and federate also, so that any user can use it, in Jabber Land.

There's another one too xmpp-web or something? Here on Github (official???) and I have yet to try this one, in fact why don't I try it tonight? I'm not entirely sure I'm up for the challenge though :/

ANYWAYS so what I think is good for XMPP is if there were more utilities for accessing XMPP network. Such as a service discovery tool, standalone not in any already pre-existing full web client, and a standalone pubsub explorer would be effen mystical to have. Just as standalone mini-apps. So like let's think, perhaps the pubsub viewer just requires websockets connection and access to websockets API for an XMPP server. One could make a custom/community lua script for prosody as a module for a (example:) mod_web_pubsub_viewer and upload it to prosody's open community plugins. For ejabberd compliance, I'm scared of thinking of even writing a module for ejabberd, erlang is scary, but, perhaps just add it as simple as possible as a websockets extension if websockets is a listener value in ejabberd config like for instance :5443/ws might be all you need. Then what the actual module is mostly made up of is the viewer content in html/php/python/whatever (and please GOD don't use some obtuse not meant for web language I nor most major web developers are going to use like Rust or C++ or Kotlin or Golang or some dumb shit just use PHP for us normal people). So it's two parts: can it read and authenticate websockets data on xmpp, and is it nice looking web widget PHP/HTML/CSS plus..

I actually, for once, since most of any time I share my ideas, as I do have GREAT ideas OFTEN and they get poached and done way ahead of my ability timewise, for once, I doubt anybody is going to do this so I'm going to put it on my list of stuff to build. That way, if for any reason you want to just [Login] box then [Search Hostname] then a tree view of any applicable pubsub material (preferably public stuff, fully federated) and a [Sub] or [UnSub] and/or as time goes by more options thta pertain to subscribing to pubsub items. I still have no idea how they're pushed to subscribers. I can only recall seeing it once before, and once another time I did a thing (can't recall) where it posted payload data too (more than just a dumb ping with one word irrelevant of anything saying what it is or where it came from). So this is a lot of discovery and code and XMPP stanzas to file through.

I'm still waiting on a stable place to live so I can accelerate really good into this stuff as it stresses me out and is a disability, I suppose, to not be sitting on a couch I know I can get really involved in something that will take months. In regards to having found a home, I've just moved to a smaller place in my province and it's been cool so far, I hope I can find a way to stay long time.

"Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beatin on your craft" - What I just heard in my headphones in a hardcore mixset 💣

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