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July 28, 2023 — t̷h̷e̷8̷w̷o̷o̷d̷c̷u̷t̷t̷e̷r̷

Howdy all! If there's somebody reading this I am curious if you ever remember a web application that actually I think was around the exact same time as facebook or was even earlier than facebook's 'kickoff', it was called tagged.com (the TLD i am not for sure, but name yes). It was a neat and unique app that people could make themselves profiles with pics, little bit of meta stats, and then you can be bought and sold and accumulate value in the app the more people kept buying you for more. This was I guess a way to fame if you were like, hot girl nice pics, you might probably get bought then taken from that owner by another higher bidder and the subject, lol I know this might sound bad even, will become more valuable. I can't recall how one made money, I think it might've been by playing stupid games or something? Not doing surveys I don't think, but yea. They also were one of the earlier, in my memory of the internet, apps to have a 'hot or not' selector, that would randomly go through maybe even similar (metadata, big data, I don't think bigdata or machine learning was a thing yet when this was) profiles and you could be like yep, or nope. I really enjoyed the interpersonal interactions of that app and it's no longer around I'm pretty sure. Last I remember it was overrun by bots kind of, and it might've died.

Well what if somebody (ME, Do NoT TAKE MY IDEA!) remade this website and added for example, the overlay interface for conversejs so you could chat in actually legitimate chats while you interact with people and their profiles? I imagine one might want to create a custom xmpp server for this! So I am writing this post to jot it down like notes for myself for soon (tm).

Well and now I sorta feel stupid, and happy, at the same time! Tagged.Com does exist still :D:D I have to check this out, but still going to consider a clone of it, heavily modified. Why? Because web apps! Come back again to my happy blog, while I working on it ever so gently (the CSS) it's becoming a nice place, I hope you enjoy reading it 🐱

Tags: ideas, webapps, webdev, the8woodcutter, social-media, internet2.0, coolstuff