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Some sad about the state of this

June 01, 2023 — t̷h̷e̷8̷w̷o̷o̷d̷c̷u̷t̷t̷e̷r̷

I mean the state of this bashblog... I have no idea what causes all these individual errors where on the all_posts.html page the time stamps for each link are the latest time stamp. These are just erratic and even absurd errors that I will most definitely not bother debugging. It makes me a lil sad because this is a kool website, I think, and there's these incosistencies, like also how in the main blog all the posts are out of order by date when they should indeed be ordered by date...

What I am slowly (and I mean slow as I go, which is very slow) working on a python remake of this bashblog script that is a site generator for this site here. Check it out: The8Woodcutter @ GitHub - PyBlog. I can guarantee that such of these little bugs won't occur with my remake, well maybe not "guarantee" but offer a solid assurance at least. I think now that I've put this blog back up and I see such a drawback I might get working on it. If not asap, soon, because IRL I have duties to pursue.

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A quick note about a bash blog extension idea

September 16, 2022 — t̷h̷e̷8̷w̷o̷o̷d̷c̷u̷t̷t̷e̷r̷

Hello again ! Here's another quick post for today about a sweet idea I've been curing in my brain about how to extend bash blog. Bash blog is what this blog is made with. It's a single, yes one, bash script on command line that manages and assembles this entire blog :)

I thought, and though this isn't keeping with the theme of bash blog, about a PHP extension that where a link posted can take you to a web form that you can subscribe to this blog and a mail server running on the host will send a preprogrammed mail to each email in the list. When a new post happens, and/or if any mailing list type like thing, such as an announcement or off the site news, happens. It shouldn't be honestly very very difficult. It would be comprised of a configuration file for environment variables such as mail host, to and from addresses, subjects and layout email templates. Also signatures. All the stuff one would expect in a mail out type of function :)

For a little while I hosted an old school telnet BBS system on battlecruiser.co but it wasn't long before it was getting attacked and it didn't really appeal to me. The BBS reminds me of the simple mail server that I also have, and a good amount of like minded people I've met on XMPP/IRC have also. It would work on a very simple postfix smtp send only setup and it's possible it might not require an actual mail system at all!

I can't be too sure when or even if this will happen but I like the idea and if you want to try to do this up then I should have a contact page eventually and I'd be willing to help :)

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A cool update to The8Woodcutter.sh - Unicode Character Map

September 16, 2022 — t̷h̷e̷8̷w̷o̷o̷d̷c̷u̷t̷t̷e̷r̷

Hello there web fellow web nerds :) I came across a view not long ago on how most people tend to be about the web. Many many of the folks I encounter off the web are only knowledgeable of internet since "internet 2.0". I really hate, hate, to say this but as far as I know facebook and the birth of more complex server side acting web applications is what sparked web 2.0. Facebook was the hit that everybody came to the web for, aha, and now Mark Zuckerburg is in the top 5 richest ʍѻғѻ§ on the planet. However much and many scumbaggery he commits to being that way is immeasurable I am sure LoL.. There was an internet before those times a little more than a decade ago. It had a widespread couple of phenomenons. First off a WebMaster was somebody that pioneered a webpage or site, at all. There were a great many independant websites on cheap or free hosting with cool things when PHP just came out. There was tickers for how many visitors came to the page, there was strobe animations like the colorful scroll bar animation that faded gradients, the blinking text, the marquees. Stuff that you simply will not if ever see online anymore is creativity in code like that. All this stuff is locked in time behind, ... facebook and proliferated web apps and services. I was in school still and I've modified the status bar contents (that bar when you hover over a link it shows you the destination url, bottom of browser) marquee with custom text. I got a manual book for HTML4 when HTML4 was new :) My friend stole it from his high school.

All these people I'm referring to, that are the vast majority of people my age, had no idea what internet was like when it was honestly really cool and creative. As well it was independant and free as a bird. This is a distinction I learned recently that web 2.0 marks a great evolution of people on the web and some ppl don't have what I aim to do. I aim to make web art. Unicode art and text graffiti as well as CSS styles as I know it :D

So this brings me to what I came here to inform the web about and that is that I have reiterated ͲооҒаst.Ѵїр (the top level XMPP host I host), Ͼнат.ͲооҒаst.Ѵїр (the chat room vhost on XMPP host) which is the eXtensible messaging and presence protocol chat server I've been off and on hosting for the last 3+ years. I welcome you, if it interests you, to join this chatroom: xmpp:unicode-art@chat.toofast.vip?join (this link will open your XMPP client application if you have one configured to do so). I am in an underground like federated chat world, similar to internet relay chat (IRC), where people of like minds chat together and often about cool stuff like this post. So to support this chat, and people that apparently haven't got a idea what unicode art is, I've made a new page on the8woodcutter.sh/charmap. I didn't make this code (as it is seen here today). I must owe credit to Mathew Kurian at https://mathew-kurian.github.io/CharacterMap/ and on github at https://github.com/mathew-kurian/CharacterMap and lastly the_guest in #offtopic@ircnow.org for sending this link originally. I plan to modify it for cool effect that serves the intention I have to make web art as I often have really wicked CSS ideas but not a plate to make it on. Hopefully it helps people get familiar with a character map to check out the cool characters that can be combined that look like english characters but are definitely not ^^

That's the scoop!

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